e sat huddled in the shower tray rocking himself back and forth as water fell on him, mingling with the tears that streamed down his face.
He couldn’t remember how long he had been sitting there as he realised that the water had turned cold as he gingerly made to stand up. He winced as he applied pressure on his left ankle; he made a mental note to have it checked.

He walked past their bedroom into the children’s room where he crawled into the bed and fell asleep. It was the draught that woke him up and forced him to put his pajamas on. He was amazed he had fallen asleep. He checked his phone; 115 missed calls. He put the phone back in the drawer and pulled out a second one.

“Are you okay? The kids have been worried; not hearing from you through out today. We know it is still tough on you but you really have to get out back there.”
“when do you think you can come out to see them?”
“Can I speak to them?”

It was a cruel trick of life and its mysteries. He loved her from the instant he laid his eyes on her that Sunday. He would never understand why but he knew in that moment he wanted her for life. The snag was; he was married.
He got divorced, got hated, got re-married, got pregnant but life continued.

He asked her to pick him up in front of the dentist. To get to him quicker, he’d asked her to use the alternative route; it was less congested but more importantly it was more discreet. It was five years on and she was pregnant with his twin boys and he couldn’t be happier.

He had lined the road with romantic messages for her. His pals laughed at him. He didn’t care.

He was told later that no one knew where the boulder came from; they say she was driving too fast; they say it was the sand that did her in and they said she was DOA.

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  1. Fati
    Feb 4, 2017

    I must be hormonal ‘cos I am not sure why I am feeling teary-eyed at this…..

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