When I watched Senator Dino Melaye acting,chanting and singing a song that has been given three different interpretations all within the space of 30 seconds, I knew he was up to something. He blew it out of the park when he arrived in the Assembly in a matriculation gown (not sure if he didn’t return his or he rented it for that occasion!)
The backlash has been typical to say the least; the cries of distress that Senator Dino has destroyed, desecrated and brought our democracy into disrepute among other accusations has rent the air.

Nigeria is a country that will continually defy any form of definition. A disservice was done to Nigeria as a nation. While understanding that we don’t fit into a mould, there has been a struggle for us to fit into a mould. We keep shouting democracy but are truly ready to apply the total principles of democracy? If the answer is yes then we are doing just that-“rule of the people, by the people, for the people”.
These “the people” largely belong to the group who don’t understand democracy the way the ‘educated’ lot do. This percentage of Nigerians constitutes an overwhelming majority of the populace. I think it is residing in social media that makes us think that we are the civilized bunch and are better and superior in thinking and behaviour than Mr Dino. While that could be true, it is a tiny minority, really.
They understand democracy as what these politicians put themselves out there to be. The few intellectuals that have made their way into elected positions are often viewed with pity as not understanding politics and will have a hard time governing. If they do govern it will with be by sheer will power or they were smart enough to have an Aaron who understands the language of the people to allow him face what he said he went there to do.

Maybe the Greek definition and American application of democracy is not what is best suited for us. We can shout, curse, insult on the sidelines all we want but as long as we don’t step into the arena whether it is to run for office and show what “true” democratic acceptable behaviour is or educate “the people” that actually do the voting on what a democrat should stand for, sound like and look like, really we best shut up!

This is not Senator Dino’s first time in the National Assembly; it is his third. To refresh our memories: twice as House of Representatives member and now as a Senator. Not only that, he ran on both PDP and APC tickets and won. Seems someone has mass appeal! During his time in the House his less than stellar antics at least according to the other people, clearly thrilled “the people” as can be seen.

If we are scandalized enough, we feel we understand how democracy should look like and want to change the change; 2019 is around the corner- be a candidate or mobilize a new set of “people” to save our democracy until then “We are Dino and Dino is us! “

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