I have been following the French elections only because the female among them reminded me of the tenacity of Hilary Clinton and I wanted to see if she’ll make the Presidency even though she sounded a bit like Trump ( since Trump was Trump and still made the Presidency).
Emmanuel Macron caught my attention on the day he was thanking his supporters when he came on stage with an older woman who I thought was Le Pen. However, I wondered why Le Pen was on stage with him and even waving at the crowd. I shrugged it off and changed the channel.

Two days later, a friend sent me a condensed version of Emmanuel Marcon’s love life. I m sure it was the sheer scandal of it that made her draw my attention to it and she wasn’t going to be scandalized alone! Apparently the woman I saw him on stage with him is his wife!😯.
He had met his wife when he was 15 years old; she was his teacher at a private Catholic school in Amiens,France. That should be innocuous enough. However by the time he was 17, he had made it clear to his 46 year old married mother of three children that he would marry her. His parents exiled him to Paris to keep them away from each other till he got to 18! This is what you call the real audacity of hope and guts! In 2007, 13 years after they met, he married her! Out of her three kids, only one of them is younger than he is while she is already a grandmother of 7! He is 39 years old and she’s 64; a 24 year old age gap.

Issues just sprang up.
1. If this had been in Nigeria.. could it even happen?
2. Is she a paedophile? – from the story though, he pursued her relentlessly. Some say; she was the adult and should have put a stop to whatever infatuation he felt. She says he displayed depths of brilliance and understanding way beyond his tender years and this set him apart as more man than teenager.
3. She was married. Any extra curricular activity is adultery. A family was broken up. This is where the line gets grey for me. While we are taught to have self control and not ‘catch’ inappropriate feelings, these two got caught up. The ultimate decision was made by her when she divorced her husband. Macron was the age his hormones should have been all over the place and getting into all sorts of trouble but his hormones made a beeline for this older woman. There is no other known girlfriend. It is safe to say the older woman ‘broke him in’….
4. What exactly was she looking for at that age that she found at that age?? One thing is for sure, it is never too late to start but you must count the cost. In this case I really want to know why the cost of her family was worth it.
5. By the time he married her, she couldn’t bear anymore children. It didn’t deter him.
6. What happened to the poor husband who lost his wife to a teenage? 😨
7. Gosh, my heart went out to the parents.
I’m gobsmacked though. This says a lot about this young man despite the inappropriateness, the scandal, the awkwardness and seeming taboo of the situation.

1. Start early in life. Instead of running round and giving into the wildness of his teenage years, he was focused and resolute. In fact, history tells of boys as young as 12 taking on responsibilities like being kings! We need to start building confident and more responsible children who would rather face a challenge and attempt something no matter what than nothin at all

2. He made up his mind- he would marry her. The mind is a powerful thing. Guard your mind. Use your mind. Most of us don’t engage our minds to its full potential. Once it sets its mind to something, anything; it can achieve it. He has done that again by being the presidential front runner and a popular one at that in his country. He is only 39 and set to be the youngest President on the platform of a little known party he set last year! He is determined to succeed to prove to his wife she made the right decision in being with him.

It is such a rare occurrence in the normal scheme of things. The French are liberal about love and it’s attendants but even for them this was a bit too much to handle.

Woody Allen married his adopted daughter who was just 17 at the time and he was 62 under the nose of his then partner Mia Farrow. He is 82 this year while she’s 46… he’s had three wives and two partners. He is still with the third wife whom he says he fell in love with.
While older men marry children here, it is not about love; these examples claim love and a connection we can never understand as their reason.

My questions; does destiny have a role to play here? If they hadn’t gone with what they felt, would they have lived to their fullest? Is this the image of true love against all odds? Should we go against the grain to attain fulfillment or do we live as we find or walk ourselves into?

I don’t know.

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