It was one of those days. Started off as mundane as ever. By the end of the day, I wanted to murder someone. I felt that it would be a good way to get rid of the pent up frustration. The problem was I had to pick who would most satisfy the frustration. I couldn’t so I decided to write.

1. Often times it is easier to deal with enemies than friends. Enemies are honest about their feelings towards you. Note I’m talking about the average enemy-ones who haven’t taken their time to get to know you or even given you a chance, the ones that can’t understand why it is you God blessed with that new car, those that carry jaded, half stories about you; those average enemies. Your ‘friends’ say they like/love you, know you, pray for you, will be there for you blah, blah, blah and more blah. BUT they create the most damage- throw you under the bus, sympathize with the complainants, fill in the gaps in the story garnished with their feelings and when all comes to light, they are most pitied as they suddenly become the victim.
If your friend cannot defend you for committing murder in the village square, that is not a friend. It is that simple. 99.9% loyalty is zero loyalty. Simple.
Why can’t we just befriend our enemies? Why must everything be complicated?

2. Truly, when you are in trouble that is the only time you see those who really give a shit! “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” People rarely will leave their comfort zones to help. They don’t want to be saddled by your problem.
Take Note of all the people that didn’t help.Stalk them so that when their time comes around, you too can act concerned and really not care!

3. What can go wrong, can and will go wrong. All that pretending to take things in your stride can cause other health challenges. I’ve even wondered if that isn’t a form of lying!!! How can you say that you are okay when you are not and ‘form positive’ when some real disaster is going down??
Bitch about it. Throw a pity party. Refuse to be consoled. After all you didn’t ask to have this hiccup!
However, remember that after all the above drama, the problem/challenge still needs to be addressed. Just saying.

4. There’s always someone worse off than you in whatever situation. You always get that when you are trying to unburden your problem. So?!!! This comparing your problem with someone else’s just invalidates your issue and that’s not nice or fair to you at all. Your shoes are pinching you 🙄🙄. I thought everyone came into this world alone and will answer alone.
Please face your situation and let them face theirs. That sounds about fair.

5. Those that care to share your problem and alleviate some of the burden will be close by. Remember to exploit them. Might as well. They are there for a reason; their reason.

6. In all this, the originator of your problem is long gone.
Ensure a curse follows him/her. There’s no point in praying for the person. Have you finished praying for yourself and even those who want prayers? A curse is in order; usually gets manifested quicker.

Sometimes, you just want a break from the norm since people just keep taking the piss. Sometimes you piss back.

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