The phrase “recession is just a word” was attributed to Mrs Kemi Adeosun, the Minister of Finance, Nigeria. There was a lot of backlash from the citizens as they used the opportunity to remind her about the state of the country and the harsh, biting economic situation which seems poised to get even harsher.
So I started thinking. Could she be right; maybe it is just a word after all. I have come the conclusion she was shading and chiding us for living like were recession-immune. If we had behaved’ ourselves instead of ‘eating our future’; recession indeed would have been a word.
I have been so recessed beaten that I wonder when looking at her and her rosy cheeks as she twangs away while delivering a repeat of last month’s message that we are recovering from recession which market she goes to!!!

When Nigeria started slipping (and is still slipping) into a recession (a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.) I think we are going through a recessive recession- double! We frankly don’t even need a definition. We are living and breathing it .

I decided to look at the positive aspect of the recession. The blessing it disguise it has become.

1. I had bitched at how unfair it was for parents of one kid to have other kids in their twos and threes and you have to cater to them. More annoying when you are distributing gifts and three gifts leave to their homes and one will only come to your house. Parties were themed, over the top and extravagant. The part packs went as wild as bicycles being distributed. It was shameless. In the last month, I have been invited for the most down to earth parties; a throwback to how things were. Simple.
It was by invitation-no gate crashers. We were Pointedly told to leave our nannies at home, it was time bound, the cards were hand made and the takeaway packs were sweets and cookies with a scissors(🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️). The other party had none. The highest number of kids at the party was 10. This one has paid my government!!

2. I know exactly how many liters N1,000 can buy and how far it will take me.

3. I now demand more value for my money from my employees. If you don’t work you don’t get paid; Break it, pay for it; lose it, pay for it. No more making and taking losses and still paying them for it. Setting targets. We are all now more responsible.

4. Treats now are visits to the coffee shop, movies and dinner at a restaurant. No more ‘living’ there.

5. There’s no shame in not being able to pay a bill anymore ooo but rather I have sharpened the skill of negotiating.

6. Everything is now taken in its stride- I can’t “come and go and die” from economy/leadership induced frustration.

7. I read more now. I’ve always read but now there’s no distraction of TV. Bringing home the next point. I’ve learnt to strike off non-essentials. DSTV must have noticed that I have renewed only once this year and offered me a deal: pay a month’s subscription within a week and qualify for a free month in August and an Explora decoder at 10k. I’ll just wait till the subscription and decoder are free! My new favourite activity is budget. I know exactly how much is going where down to the last kobo. Not one kobo falls on barren soil.

8. I have become more creative in practically everything to ensure everything stretches. I mean Milo is now N1,100 for 500g. I opened the pack and tried to divide in into 45 portions- it shall last 6 weeks! I’m thinking of what my car can bring in daily instead of sitting pretty in the parking lot. Transportation is still relatively untapped. *shugs shoulders*

9. All that, “mummy I cannot eat this or that” or “I want this or that” has been solved with Vitamin N. you will eat it. It is not fight, it is a fact. If not, that person will fast o.

10. I have become a ‘farmer’. Using pots and any available soil area. It actually feels good to harvest spinach, okra, rocket, ugwu from my backyard. I’ve even grown wings and planted yam and beans…..might as well. I’m not sure what I’ve grown now but I’m even cultivating avocado seeds to grow!!
They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well recession is the mother, father, children, extended family of survival!!

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